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Looking for a BPO Job? Here are 5 skills that can help you excel

A 2016 report by the outsourcing advisory firm Tholons placed Manila ahead of Mumbai as the second biggest outsourcing destination in the world (even as Bangalore retained the top spot). The Philippines will account for one-fifth of the total global outsourcing market if it continues to grow at the same pace till 2020, according to another Tholons report.   

If you’re in the Philippines, a career in the BPO industry could assure you of a place in an emerging sector. But are you a good fit for this industry? Below are some attributes that are required to excel in the BPO sector. Read on to gauge your suitability.

Communication skills

Are you smart and self-confident, and do you have good English communication skills? If yes, then you possess certain important attributes for a career in this industry. Understanding the customer’s problems and providing the correct solution is an important part of a BPO job. Top flight communication skills—and that includes listening as much as talking—is vital for a BPO role. 


Since processes are often spread across different geographical locations, a readiness to be posted across cities is imperative. And since a single BPO company handles dozens of different processes belonging to different clients, the ability to shift laterally across processes will stand you in good stead. An abundance of on-the-job training programmes means you will have to be a quick learner.

Being proactive

A valued attribute in all industries but especially so in the BPO sector. This being a service industry, a proactive attitude will impress not just your bosses but also your clients and fast-track your career to the top.

Technical skills and domain knowledge

Technical skills allow the employee to resolve issues faster, while mastery over domain allows the worker understand the environment and recognize patterns, thus bringing value to the call center job. BPO firms typically look for people with people with technical knowledge and in some cases, IT experience, while hiring for the company.


The BPO sector known for its high turnover rates. Interviewers therefore try and look for signs of long term commitment from candidates. One of the ways they do this is by gauging the ambition levels of the worker since they believe that ambitious candidates would be more willing to stay on if s/he is provided adequate growth opportunities in the company.

Unlike a decade ago when a BPO job was viewed as a stopgap arrangement until people found better jobs in more traditional sectors, the industry now offers excellent opportunities for long term career growth. While the above attributes can help you excel in the BPO sector in the initial and middle stages of your career, administrative capabilities and the ability to motivate a team determine your growth in the later years of your professional life. For a jobseeker in the Philippines, the BPO sector provides ample opportunities. If you have the necessary attributes, a job in this sector could set you on course for a bright career.

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