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How to charge your career through endorsements

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With thousands of other people looking for a job, it can be challenging to make your online professional profile stand out. One of the most effective ways to promote your online resume is through endorsements, and since job search engines and the actual act of looking for a job are now largely becoming mobile, Monster has created a tool to help applicants look for a job and connect them with the right people for professional endorsements.

The Monster Mobile app, integrated with Monster’s professional networking for jobs, assists job seekers building a network with peers, co-alumni, colleagues, mentors, recruiters and companies. Essentially, the tool helps people easily reach their network to get credible endorsements useful for job search in Philippines.

Here are some basics to keep in mind to get those professional endorsements:

How does it work?
The Monster Mobile app helps you locate important people you wish to connect with to build a better professional network. Schoolmates, officemates, bosses, mentors or clients - they all have an idea or two about your skills and capabilities. They can give a good [or bad] input about your work ethic and how you deal with other people, as well as recommend your skills and key competencies. Recruiters are able to see these recommendations in your profile. These endorsements carry a further weight of authentication as they come from other trusted users within the network.

Building blocks
To effectively get recommendations to boost your online resume, you first have to set the right environment. This means you have to create a killer resume that can stand on its own, even without any professional endorsements. Then, you must follow companies and recruiters you like so they will be able to view your profile. The Monster professional networking was designed to help you engage with prospective employers, while at the same time keeping a line of connection with your contacts. It might seem tedious to find people to build your network, but remember the more effort you exert at the beginning will pay off once positive recommendations are placed on your profile.

Quality and quantity
When recruiters sort through various candidate profiles, what do you think makes some stand out more than others? It is your skills and expertise, verified and sanctioned by other competent professionals. The more people endorse you for a particular skill, the more believable it will be to any recruiter or employer. This is why it’s important you connect with as many contacts as possible, creating a bigger network to support your existing resume.

But at the end of day, quality is more important than quantity. Always make sure you also get trusted peers and real professionals to join your network, so you can receive quality endorsements.

It’s a two-way street
Remember to also endorse people within your network. This is not just to nurture your relationships and receive endorsements in return, but also to increase your visibility. When a recruiter comes to your page on Monster Professional Networking, they will not only see the skills you have been endorsed for, but also the skills you have endorsed others for. This can give a wider perspective of the skills and capabilities within your closest circle, which means a more holistic picture of what you are capable of bringing to the table.

Do not underestimate the power of professional endorsements. It just might be the only thing missing on your profile.

Download Monster mobile app and use the professional networking for jobs features and land your dream job!