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7 tips to ensure you stay healthy at work even working 24/7

The BPO industry has made Philippines the city that never sleeps! In the last few years, the Philippines economy has expanded solidly, mainly on the back of business process outsourcing. But the BPO sector, which accounted for 7% of the gross domestic product in 2015, comes with plenty of occupational hazards: long working hours, night shifts and really high work targets.

Here’s what you can do to move towards a healthier lifestyle despite working round the clock:

Make water a work desk fixture

Apart from your computer, the one thing that must always be on your desk is a full bottle of water. Water helps balance body fluids, transports nutrients within the body, maintains body temperature and energizes muscles. Set an alarm for every half an hour to remind you to drink up.

Walk when you talk

Sitting in the canteen to sip on coffee during breaks isn’t the best of ideas. Pick up your coffee and take your break partner for a walk. Research has shown that short bouts of physical activity that add up to 30 minutes a day can be as effective as half hour on the treadmill to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check. So walk when attending to phone calls and schedule a “walking” meeting!

Pack a healthy lunch

Ordering in – be it pizzas, burgers or even salads – doesn’t do much for you. Invest in your health by taking the time to pack a nutritious lunch and snacks for the day.

Get an office support system

Research has shown that social connections at the office can boost productivity and make the difference between happiness at the workplace and burnout. Talk to your team members and other office mates; you never know who you may hit it off with!

Work on your chair pose

Sitting at the desk for long hours a day – especially in a slouching posture – can adversely affect physical health. Research has shown that poor posture may affect circulation, drain you of energy and make you feel depressed. Check online to learn what your seating posture should be. Always keep ears in line with the shoulders, pull back shoulder blades and get up and move often.

Make time for stretches

Sitting or standing for long periods over the course of the work day can take a toll on your muscles and lead to stiffness and pain. Simple stretching exercises that can be done at your desk or in the cubicle will ensure that your muscles don’t freeze up.

Get ample sleep

Most BPO employees are at work at times when they should be sleeping. Done regularly, this can affect an individual′s circadian rhythm and lead to sleep deprivation. Adequate sleep is essential to keep your body in fine working order. Research has shown that sleep debt can increase the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. It can also lead to mood changes, decreased cognitive functioning and a predisposition to infections. So ensure that you rest well, every day!

Working odd hours doesn’t mean your health should suffer. Apart from following these tips, make time for things that add value to your life. Family meals, activities with friends and regular vacations will put the focus on things that really matter. Make yoga and meditation a part of your life to manage stress and stay in the pink of health!