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4 steps to figure out if you are right for the job


A shortage of qualified workers to fill job openings has emerged a growing concern in the Philippines, resulting in a high rate of unemployment even though thousands of vacancies exist in the job market. The wide disparity between the skill requirement of businesses and those available in the talent pool is often cited as one of the key reasons holding back the country’s economic growth.

Applying for jobs without possessing appropriate skills is a no-win situation. Companies almost always weed out such candidates during the selection process. Which is why, if you’re applying for a position, it’s important to determine whether you possess the right skills along with qualifications for the job. Here’s how you’ll know if you’re on the right track:

List your skills
Skills can be of various types—basic skills (the ability to learn new things, reading, listening, critical thinking), people skills (also called soft skills), management skills, systems skills (the ability to understand how an organization works) and technical skills (proficiency with technology). Make a list of the skills you think you possess. You could also ask someone you have worked with to list out your skills.

Read the job posting carefully
Match the skill requirement detailed in the job listing with your skill sheet and see if you will be a good fit for the job. Try and be as objective as possible. For instance, if the job requires management skills, and you’ve put down ‘organizational skills’ as a strength, don’t assume this is the job for you. Know there’s a difference between managing people and sorting things.

Visualize the job
It’s a good idea to try and imagine you’re selected. Now gauge whether you will be able to do justice to the job. Speak to people in the industry to understand what the job entails. Do you already have the skills required for the job or do you need to learn new ones? It’s always a good idea to opt out if the list of skills you need to acquire is longer than the list of skills you already possess.

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes
Try and imagine yourself as the hiring manager for a moment. What skills do you think you would want to see in the ideal candidate? What kind of qualifications would the candidate need to have in order to meet your requirements? What kind of work experience would impress you? Thinking from the hiring manager’s point of view isn’t easy but it will give you some understanding of the requirements of the job.

Candidates without the right skills for the job are almost always eliminated during the selection stage. Even if you make it through the selection process, chances are you will be struggling on the job. This is a lose-lose situation for both you and your employer. Instead, target jobs that are best suited to your skills as you’ll have a better chance of being selected.